Welcome Back Class 5/6F Families!


First of all, thank you so much to those families who were able to send an email so that I can add your name to the class 5/6F contact list. Please feel free to share the information below with any other 5/6F families!

Well the time is very nearly here! The only place besides my own beloved family that I would rather be is with your children – fortunately for me, that is where I will be enjoying my time come Tuesday morning! I trust all families have had a fantastic summer holiday and I know that your attentions (and possibly that of your child 🙂 ) have turned to back-to-school preparations.

I look forward to co-creating another peaceful and respectful classroom with a new group of students. I look forward to many smiles, laughs, music and fun in our classroom. I look forward to teaching and exploring new technologies in our classroom. I look forward to facilitating your children in their role as empowered and inquisitive learners. Together your children and I will explore the curriculum and:

– pick out specific Learning Goals
– identify the necessary ingredients to reach those goals (as seen in classroom “Anchor Charts” that we create together)
– work towards the skills and knowledge that show our progress (Success Criteria).

Students will come home on Tuesday with a more detailed welcome letter (where I will also invite you to take part in our lessons as volunteers or presenters). In the meantime please find near the end of this post the suggested materials that families can consider purchasing if they would like.

After the materials list (and a lovely quote about building community) is a list of additional ways that we can connect home and school, through technology. One way will be through our class Twitter page (@FawcettsClass) which will be used by 5/6F students (under my supervision) to tweet questions and information to a greater audience beyond our classroom walls. I have already selected other classrooms (both local and global) and organizations (e.g. Canadian Space Agency, Civilization Museum) for us to connect with: we can share specific learning and ideas, ask questions, answer questions… all related to our units of study. Students may also access class updates from home by association with their parent’s Twitter accounts (students under the age of 13 are not permitted to create Twitter accounts, in keeping with the Twitter Terms of Service; I must abide by this and not follow or tweet to students). It would be great if you as parents would explore setting up a free Twitter account for this purpose. Twitter is an awesome tool! By creating an account and “following” @FawcettsClass, you can receive short “micro- blogging” updates about our activities…short 140 character messages, as well as relevant internet links and pictures/videos. I can only interact with (e.g. follow and tweet to) adults; as per Twitter’s terms of service, people under the age of 13 may not have accounts. However, if parents follow our class twitter from home, they can share tweets with students and we can have a home-school interaction.

I look forward to meeting with each if you early in the year, along with your child, so that you might have an opportunity to share your ideas and questions regarding your child’s experience in 5/6F.

~ Michelle

– regular soft pencil case
– dark blue pens
– pencils/eraser/small sharpener/ruler
– pencil crayons
– markers
– highlighters
– supply of 3 x 3 inch sticky notes
– calculator
– scissors
– 1-inch binder (the type that uses 3-hole paper)
– lined, 3-hole punched paper
– memory stick
– box of tissue
– indoor running shoes for physical education (requires every day)


* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
“Our humanity is caught up in that of all others. We are human because we belong. We are made for community, for togetherness, for family, to exist in a delicate network of interdependence…. We are sisters and brothers of one another whether we like it or not, and each one of us is a precious individual.” —– Archbishop Desmond Tutu

CLASS WEBSITE: http://fcinternet.hwdsb.on.ca/~michelle.fawcett/index.htm

FAWCETT’S CLASS TWITTER: https://twitter.com/FawcettsClass

PROFESSIONAL TWITTER: https://twitter.com/michellefawcett

PROFESSIONAL BLOG: https://msfawcettsmusings.wordpress.com/


About Ms Fawcett

I am a Mom, wife & musician, and a public school teacher with twenty years experience. I am excited to share my ideas on this new blog, after being an educational blog-stalker for several years. What a great way to communicate!

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