Great idea for keeping Anchor Charts!


This post might be of the most interest to my fellow teaching friends. Anchor Charts are class generated “posters” of important information learned or created during a lesson. They are created on easy to read chart papers and are  co-created with students during a lesson on a particular topic. Anchor Charts can summarize the important things to remember about general skills and knowledge (e.g. how to choose a “just right” book for reading or behaviours; habits that students need to demonstrate for particular Learning Skills and work habits; effective group work strategies) or specific subject-based information like multiplication strategies, how to effectively answer an open-response reading comprehension question, or the components of an atom.

Here is an Anchor Chart from Class 5N last year, which many of this year’s grade 6 students helped to create with Ms Napier:

Here is an Anchor Chart created with my Grade 6 class last year after reading a set of several inspiring books:

The challenge with Anchor Charts is that they are all very important and many need to be referenced throughout the year, but display space is limited and the large chart papers can clutter a classroom easily — so they have to be replaced and rotated as new skills and knowledge are posted. I came across an awesome way to keep old anchor charts and display new ones while reading a great teacher blog that I found while surfing around In this particular classroom, Anchor Charts are photographed (that’s right up my alley, especially with the new iPhone!) once a week, printed in colour and then stored in a binder in page protectors. The binder is available for students to read as necessary or for the teacher to sit down and review with individual students or groups. Extra black and white copies of individual Anchor Charts are stored in the page protectors, too, and can be handed out to individual students who may need reinforcing for a particular anchor chart.

Check out pictures of the Anchor Chart binder from the blog, “Teaching My Friends!”

I love this idea!


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