Week of Sept. 26th


Our fourth week of school was wonderful! Thank you to all students for working so hard to adhere to our routines and also for having taken on additional leadership roles in our school (such as lunch monitors, PA Announcers and Kindergarten Helpers). We continue to work on a variety of activities, independently at our table groups or collaboratively with other flexible groupings (e.g. math problem solving)….using pen/pencil, but also SMART board technology and classroom computers.

My own learning curve has involved meeting with other junior staff around the implementation of our TLCP (Teaching-Learning Critical Pathway) in classes (more information to follow) and analyzing our EQAO data. Also, I am excited to have purchased my first iPhone and am amazed at it’s capabilities for syncing with my Macbook. Technology is amazing and I am also learning all the time!


In Literacy, we have finally finished our DRA work (Diagnostic Reading Assessment). These assessments will be marked soon and I will be able to share a rubric with students and their parents or guardians. Along with the rubric (which assesses wide reading, goal setting, fluency — expression, phrasing, accuracy, rate, and comprehension — predicting, summarizing, literal comprehension, interpretation, reflection and metacognitive awareness), I will highlight the areas that could be improved and provide a list of suggested home activities for improving your child’s reading level. DRA is a great tool, and although it is one assessment, I have often found that it correlates with other reading assessments done in class.  We have also worked on publishing our first stories (written in the point of view of one of the dogs from “Voices in the Park”) and our illustration from that same story, incorporating metaphors. We continue to practise Inferring during Independent Reading time. We also worked on using First Class and will soon be writing our blogs!


In math, we continued to develop additional strategies for solving problems related to multiples and common multiples. Students are working very successfully in small groups to show their thinking in many ways. Here are examples of student group work. We are refining our skills in using and naming strategies in our work  (pictoral representations, multiples, common multiples, arrays, words, numbers), as well as using text features (colour, text boxes). The problem was described as follows:

Class 6F is having a BBQ. Hotdogs come in packs of twelve (12) and hotdog buns come packs of eight (8). What is the smallest number of packs of hotdogs and buns needed to have the right amount? (Each hotdog must have one bun and each bun must have one hotdog).

Physical Education & DPA (Daily Physical Activity)

We enjoyed a variety of warm up activities and team sports (outside, weather permitting) and have also worked on developing skills in floor hockey. Thanks to Sydney W and Hannah for sharing their expertise in this area!

Visual Art

Students participated in print making with Mr. Obermeyer this week — student’s have brought their work home. Here are some random samples — I’m loving the colours. Thank you Mr. Obermeyer. 6F student love creating art while 5/6O students have music with me in our classrom.


We have begun our unit on Healthy Eating and by the time students see this post, I will have already taken a picture of their lunches! Using Canada’s Food Guide, we will explore all the elements of a balanced healthy diet and explore meal planning with healthy choices in mind.

Awards Assembly

Character Awards – Congratulations to Paul and Emily for receiving awards this month for Courage, and to Karys, Luke, Eric and Hailey for receiving awards for Citizenship. Our class ‘performed’ a song with actions, sung in both unison and harmony (all a cappella!). This was a great song for teaching skills in music, math (number sense and patterning), listening, physical coordination and teamwork…plus, as the students said, “It was fun!”.

The week ahead….

In the upcoming week, we will continue setting up our First Class routines and work on fluency with email and possibly web publishing. We will take a look at blogging at some point in October, with the help of our LIPT (Literacy Improvment Project Teacher), Mrs. Cochrane.  In Math, we will move on to Prime and Composite Numbers  and Mental Math Strategies. Students who would benefit from help and reteaching will have the opportunity to do so several times a week during Nutrition Breaks. We will finally begin our Social Studies unit on Canada’s Links to the World, exploring Canada’s Trading Partners — partly by looking at where our own clothing is made. We will graph our results and make inferences about them. In Music, we will continue to sing, sing, sing! Many students have joined the Junior Choir, and our task at this point is to prepare music for November’s Remembrance Day Assembly.

Again, if parents would like to share concerns or ask questions, they may do so through their child’s agenda (checked daily), by phone or through email. I enjoy having conferences with parents after school and look forward to speaking to everyone at some point.


About Ms Fawcett

I am a Mom, wife & musician, and a public school teacher with twenty years experience. I am excited to share my ideas on this new blog, after being an educational blog-stalker for several years. What a great way to communicate!

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  1. Ms. Fawcett,
    Thank you for sharing our children’s week with us. What a wonderful way to keep the communication lines open. I have just one question… Where do you find the time??
    Karen Wertman

  2. I’m so appreciative of this blog! It’s a great way to prompt my daughter with relevant questions…I just got a bunch of interesting details about her day. Looking forward to the next update. Thanks!

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